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Michael Grainger

"Michael's fast metabolism has made it very difficult for him to gain the weight and body mass needed for growing and his low percentage of body fat was making it hard for him to build  the muscle and strength needed for more challenging dives.

When we first met with Sports Nutrition to Go, Michael wasn't convinced that a few basic changes in his diet and the addition of the recommended supplements would work. At first, he had trouble giving up his favorite snack foods such as cookies and soda, but before long the Gatorade shakes and trail mix substitute became routine for him.

I couldn't believe it, but after just five weeks, Michael had gained 7 pounds on his 75 pound frame and he grew almost an inch! He is now close to the 90 pound mark after four months. We look forward to building more success with the products and  dietary guidance provided by Sports Nutrition to Go."

  - Michael Grainger


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