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Drew Overbeck

I was on the verge of turning 34 when I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic last December. I knew I needed to make some changes in my diet and lifestyle, but I was not expecting the need to make a drastic change. I knew the fast food and sweet treats needed to go, but I was nervous about how to replace them with the right food and still be able to enjoy eating. The word diet was always a bad word in my vocabulary.

After my initial appointment with Dawn and Janet and Bod Pod results, we learned that I indeed was in a high risk category with a body fat percentage of 29% and was overweight. None of this was shocking news, but the thought if losing a lot of weight, controlling my diabetes and still enjoying the taste of food seemed daunting. But Janet came to my rescue and over a 12 week period, she educated me, coached me and monitored me into a much healthier lifestyle. Within 6 weeks of following a diligent and consistent exercise regiment and the menu Janet custom designed for me, I was able lower my triglycerides from 605, yes they really were that high, to 75 and my glucose level from 148 to 99. I was able to lose close to 16 lbs in that short 6 weeks.

To date, I have dropped a total of 28 pounds, 7% of my body fat, and I still adhere to my customized menu throughout the day and evening. I feel like a different person with more energy and a lot less weight to carry around. On top of all of this, I still like to eat. Janet was able to steer me towards smart menu selections that appeal to my palette and still allow me to maintain healthy dietary standards. I cannot say enough about SN2G. Their program is so versatile and customized. Not only did I bring my lifestyle under control, but also I learned a great deal during the process. This is no fad for me. It’s a change in lifestyle that could not have been successful without the help of Janet. This team’s expertise is priceless. Thanks again!
Drew Overbeck
Marketing Director, Jones the Florist
Cincinnati, Ohio

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