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Grant Hunter
Football & LaCrosse

"I ended off the football season weighing in at about 189 lbs (no shirt, shoes, or shorts), and my diet was basically that of a normal high school male. What that means is when I was in a hurry, Taco Bell was my choice for food, or when I just wanted to eat something while watching TV, I grabbed an entire bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos and would finish them off."

"I always worked hard in the weight room, but I could never seem to gain any weight. Then, after meeting with Dawn and going over a diet that she designed for me, I immediately noticed results. I had more energy, and thus I could put more effort into lifting. Over time, my weight gradually increased, and not in fat either."

"My diet wasn't even that hard to follow, I actually loved the foods I ate. I could still eat steak, or even crab legs, and I even got 5 freebies a week. By the end of my 12-week program (I doubled-up with Dawn's diet and personal training), I had gained nearly 20 lbs of lean muscle, and I was faster, stronger, and more agile."

- Grant Hunter

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