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Mr. & Mrs. John & Ellen Reister

"John had a specific athletic goal in mind when he went to Dawn. I went because we would be eating dinner together and living in the same house, and it made sense to be on the same beam food-wise. I also thought it would be nice to lose a few pounds. It became so much more than that, and I guess I wasn't expecting that - It's really about changing your thought process about food and eating to keep your body healthy no matter what "goals" you set or what athletic endeavor you're into. And I was surprised at my ignorance about what's "good" food and "bad," why you need to eat from all food groups, the actual science involved in planning a daily menu. The periodic "check-in" visits were good in that I was pretty focused on keeping my food diary because I knew I'd be, well, accountable. I know about portion control, but it was good to have that reinforcement (not to mention Dawn's encouragement). I was really glad we did this, not just because I did lose a few pounds, but because I feel healthier and my body feels better. Plus, Dawn encouraged me to mix up my workout, so now I'm running and walking and lifting - and I don't hate it!!! John and I have talked about the whole thing, and really, I think this a lifestyle for us now. We had an okay idea before of what we should be eating, but now we know much more what those things are, how much we should consume, when, how to read labels, all that stuff. Plus, our children are now involved and interested in nutrition."

Mrs. Ellen Reister

"When I came to Sports Nutrition 2Go, I was looking to achieve better performance when I ran marathons. I was running out of energy on my long runs. SN2G showed me techniques to increase my carbohydrate intake so I finished strong. I learned that everyone has different needs. I plan on working with SN2G to reach my overall goal--to swim the English Channel."

Mrs. John Reister

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