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07-05 How to Make a Food Bag

No Excuses!

In sports, work and travel it is difficult to now your exact schedule. Layovers, hotels, new places, meetings, unexpected situations, over-booked schedules, running from A to Z, tournament delays, repetitive competitions and different playing brackets all can cause unpredictable situations. Most people, parents and athletes, use this as an excuse to eat poorly and make unhealthy choices. This would not be a concern if this happened once in a while. But look around you! People are eating nachos and chips at competitions, donuts and danishes for morning business meetings, and vending machine snacks and fast food stops for continuous lunch feedings.

First, in order for you to stop this roller coaster, you have to STOP with the excuses! Second, you need to PLAN! Plan your week out. Write a tentative eating schedule. Third, make a Food for Sport/Work Bag! Having food items that can travel in your car, office, or sports/travel bag allows you to make healthier decisions no matter what the day or competition brings. All it takes is an hour at the grocery store/internet every month to stock up. This works for everyone! Health and performance is the reward.

Start now by picking off the list below or be creative and find new items to add to the list.

Gatorade Shakes

Muscle Milk N Oats

Stallone High Protein Pudding

Jerky—Turkey or Beef

Ostrich Sticks

Labrada Rock N Roll Bars

Avid Bars

Power Bars

Luna Bars

Clif Bars

Kashi Granola Bars

Garden of Eatin' Toasted Corn

Healthy Valley Low Fat Crackers

Honey Wheat Pretzels

Trader Joe's Low Sodium Honey Wheat Pretzels

Glenny's Chips
Gen Soy Soy Chips

1 oz packaged nuts

Peanut Butter

Dried Fruit without Sulfer Dioxide

Real Fruit Leather

Cupped fruit in water: pineapple, peaches, pears

Canned fruit with a pull off lid: Dole Mandarin Oranges

V8 Juice

Carrot Juice

Bottled Water


Endurance Performance

If you have a refrigerator or cooler:
Odawalla Smoothies
Low-Fat Yogurt
Babybel Lite Cheese

Fun! Quick! And Waffle Sized!

To add flare to freshly cut fruit, put it in a small waffle cone! A great post-game snack or dessert!

Looking for a Sports Nutrition Presentation?

Dawn Weatherwax is now a sponsored speaker by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Dawn currently presents to schools, teams, health facilities, executives, businesses and organizations.

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute Sports Nutrition Speakers Board and Network promotes continuing education for athletes and sports health professionals. The Institute sponsors outstanding experts in sports nutrition and education to speak at meetings and symposia for athletes, coaches, and sports health professionals.

Speaker topics include sports nutrition, sports performance, hydration & related metabolic, hormonal and/or thermoregulatory issues.

Sports Nutrition Speakers Board & Network Sponsorship Criteria
To apply for sponsorship of GSSI speaker, the linked Gatorade Sports Science Institute sponsorship application form should be completed and mailed at least 8 weeks prior to the speaking date request.

Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

The meeting must have:

- A history of at least 100 attendees at prior meetings. Meetings with no history will not be supported.

- An audience comprised of at least 100 ATCs, Coaches, nutritionists, sports doctors or fitness professionals

      - or -

- An Audience of at lease 200 athletes and/or parents

- Duration of the presentation of at least 30 minutes per speaker
(Limited concurrent educational sessions – at least 100 speakers should be expected at each session)

Appropriate recognition of GSSI Support must be provided in publicity materials, program, meeting announcements, etc. and an approved speaker by the NCAA.

Visit to to view and print the Sponsorship Application.

BOD POD ® News
SN2Go Featured Client for July 2005

SN2Go has been selected by BOD POD® as their July 2005 Featured Client! Below is an excerpt of the BOD POD press release announcing the selection:

Sports Nutrition 2Go (SN2Go) is a fitness assessment and counseling center focusing on sports nutrition for athletes of all types, as well as the general public. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the mission of SN2Go is to deliver specialized sports nutrition programs for enhancing health and performance.

SN2Go recently added the BOD POD to their Sports and Lifestyle Wellness programs in an effort to help keep Cincinnati Area residents fit and healthy. High-tech health and fitness assessments including metabolic measurement and body composition analysis using the BOD POD are just two of the components used to evaluate and track the health and fitness of a wide range of clients that include recreational and professional athletes, teams, coaches, and the general public. Additional services provided include resting metabolic rate assessment, pre- and post-game meal planning, daily training menus, sports nutrition analysis, energy expenditure analysis, recipe analysis, and group/personalized nutrition counseling.

Dawn Weatherwax, Founder of Sports Nutrition 2Go notes, "Our facility takes pride in offering our clients the most advanced technologies available today. The highly precise information the BOD POD provides allows us to provide our clients with the most accurate Sports and Lifestyle Wellness programs possible."

SN2Go Video Feature

Cincinnati's WKRC Channel 12 recently aired a feature showing how SN2Go has made a hit with Cincinnati Reds first baseman, Sean Casey. Watch it here.

Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement
Can We Get All the Nutrients We Need from Food?

Continuation from the June 05 Newsletter

Another question you need to ask and research:
Can the supplement company sell to Canada and Australia?

Canada and Australia treat supplements as medicine. They have very strict guidelines. If the product you are researching cannot be sold in these countries, I would ask why not? Please be very selective on the supplements you purchase. Supplements can be beneficial; however, if they are not being manufactured properly you are lowering the effectiveness the research might support.

Last year Australia banned over 1800 products because they found out a manufacturer was changing the ingredients. All of those products were taken off the market. My question is where did those products go?

Go to if you want to know what products we recommend. More info on selecting a supplement to follow
in the next newsletter.

Current News

In the news!
Dawn Weatherwax will be speaking at the US Tennis Teacher's Conference at the US Open in New York, NY on Aug 30th.

New Client
We just picked up an Offensive Lineman from The Ohio State University!

New Testimonial
My name is Rosemary Brown. My daughter is Sarah M. Brown and she swims at Xavier University. She and her team were very impressed with your talk last year and it made a big difference in the swimming for their team. Sarah was able to perform better than she had in about 5 yrs and felt a great deal of this was due to dietary changes.

Rosemary Brown

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