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04-05 Body Fat

Body Fat Doesn't LIE!

When you are trying to get back into shape, stay in one pant size, or perform at an optimal level, measuring percent body fat to muscle mass ratio is a positive way to chart your progress. 

Most individuals go by the poundage lost or gained on the scale.  However when you choose this method to follow your progress, how do you know which weight you are adding or subtracting? Did you know a person who is over thirty will lose 1-2 pounds of muscle a year if they do not incorporate resistance training into their weekly routine? Calorie restriction can also increase body fat percentages.  If you do not eat enough to meet your daily energy requirements the body holds on to fat more tightly and uses the muscle as an energy source. Body Fat then becomes the new occupant of this space. To top it all off, body fat does not even discriminate against age! 

Muscle is your personal engine. It needs "gas" (energy) to run, requires the right mix of fuel at the right time to burn efficiently and entails continuous maintenance to function properly and keep its interior/exterior beautiful. Most people start with an 8 cylinder engine that has more speed then they can control! By the time they are done the cylinder head is cracked, the oil is leaking, and there is just enough power to start the engine. The great news is... It is never too late to rebuild the engine!!!! (Muscle!)

What Methods to Use
For best results, I highly recommend one of these methods for measurement:

  1. Underwater weighing

  2. Bod Pod™ ( )

  3. DEXA Scanning

Skin fold calipers and Body Fat scales are usually off anywhere from 6-10% on the low end! At Sports Nutrition 2Go we use the Bod Pod™.

How Often to Measure
Beginning a program Once at the beginning and then one every 8-12 weeks until the desired goal is reached
Monitor health Varies from 1-4 times per year
In season Every 4-6 weeks
Post season Take a month off and then a minimum of every 8 weeks if at desired percentages
Improve fitness/injured Every 3-4 weeks



  • Monitor health

  • Chart progress

  • Prevent muscle loss

  • Motivate

  • To prove what you eat, at the right time, in the correct amounts does lower body fat and increase muscle mass


  • Monitor health

  • Prevent over training (Body fat will increase)

  • Maintain proper muscle mass to body fat ratios for the sport (And throughout the season)

  • Monitor strength and conditioning programs (Should not be losing muscle as the season ends)

  • May detect an eating disorder (Athlete's body fat is increasing without reason)

  • Finding the right amount of muscle that optimizes performance (You can gain too much muscle which will slow you down)

  • Minimize Body Fat gain and muscle mass loss when injured

  • Minimize too low of a body fat

  • Motivate

  • To prove that sports nutrition does work!

Whether you are in denial, trying to achieve a new fitness level, or optimizing performance, it is important to know your ratio of muscle mass to body fat in order to map your progress. So go find out, body fat tells the truth!

Dawn Weatherwax, ATL, RD/LD, CSCS

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Current News

On TV!
Dawn Weatherwax, RD/LD, ATL, CSCS was on Geraldo Rivero---LIVE on March 27th, 2005 for the Terri Schiavo case and on Channel 12 for Cincinnati Red's Opening Day providing nutrition tips.

New Testimonial
Check out the testimonial from Athletic Trainer Mike Mulcahey at regarding the Bod Pod™ and the Men's Basketball team at Xavier University!

New Client
SN2G welcomes a Marathon Runner from New York City!

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