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Personal Services For Individuals

Sports Nutrition Analysis
Whether you are a serious or recreational athlete, it's important to know your nutritional status.

Energy Expenditure Analysis
Tired of guessing how many kilocalories you burn each day? This service helps you to determine your kcalorie needs.

Personalized Training Diet
Are you maximizing your athletic potential, everyday? We can help by designing a personalized, one-day training diet (a nutritional template) that will give you all the information and structure you'll need to make healthy nutritional choices every day.

This service is the ultimate package for any athlete. It includes 1) A Sports Nutrition Analysis 2) An Energy Expenditure Analysis, and 3) a Personalized Training Diet. (See above for more detail.)

Fluid Recommendations
Are you consuming enough fluids to maximize performance and reduce chance of injury? Fluid is one of the most important nutrients any athlete can ingest. Intake of fluids can have direct impact on performance. Dawn will calculate your fluid needs, give you the tools to monitor your use of fluids, re-assess your needs and adjust your fluid outcome over a period of one month.

Pre/Post Event (or game) Meal Planning
Do you know what and when to eat before an event or game to insure you're getting the ideal amounts/ratio of carbs/protein/fat and calories? Dawn will create pre-game and post-game sample menus (two sets of each). Snack ideas included as well.

Eating on the Road
Do your athletic or business endeavors take you frequently "on-the-road"? When away from home, do you have a difficult time selecting the healthy foods? Dawn will provide tools to assist with your food choices in hotels, hotel restaurants and fast food joints.

Recipe Analysis
Do you have a favorite power drink, snack or entre you love, but you're not sure how "healthy" it is compared to sound nutritional standards? We can analyzed it and, wherever possible, suggest ways to modify or change ingredients to improve nutritional content.

Individual Nutrition Counseling
Customized information provided during these individual sessions may include any general nutrition information or may be as specific as the Sports Nutrition topics listed above. (See Individual Counseling & Presentation Topics)

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