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Services for Professional & Olympic Athletes

Professional and Elite athletes have a lot riding on the performance of their body. With the Coaching of a skilled Sports Nutritionist, a top athlete can perform even better & last even longer in the sport!

Benefits of Nutrition Coaching
Increased Concentration: Concentration remains consistent when optimal foods and liquids are consumed. Better concentration means better performance, less mistakes, fewer injuries

Faster Recovery Time In Between Games: Faster recovery time means better stats, more energy, no need for unhealthy substance to "get up for a game", decreased chance of injury

Faster Recovery Time From Injury: If an athlete's body is in optimal nutritional form, the body has a better foundation for healing damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, broken bones and/or wounds. When an injury does require time away from the rigors of training and performance, an athlete who is knowledgeable about how to adjust nutrition intake during "off" time will experience less body fat increase during the recuperation period. The result is a recovered athlete who returns to training and competition in better "sport specific form".

Weight Remains Consistent, On and Off-Season: Any change in muscle mass or body fat can impact performance. Too much body fat can lead to a decrease in speed and agility. Weight loss can cause fatigue and/or a decrease in power, all of which may make an athlete more susceptible to injury. Too little body fat carries risks of its own. Including, a breakdown of muscle mass, increased susceptibility to illness, general system slows down and in women, a shut down of the reproductive system.

Consistent Performance: With all of the above, an athlete increases his or her chances of consistent performance throughout the season. This means greater potential success and overall career satisfaction.

Longer Career: An athlete's body, with all the wear and tear it endures, is particularly susceptible to the ravages of aging. An athlete's best defense against age-related decline and injury susceptibility is optimal nutrition.

Pre-Season, In-Season and/or Post-Season Packages are available and tailored to meet an individual's needs.

These packages may include:
* A detailed diet analysis
* Fluid needs assessment
* On-the-road meal planning
* At home meal planning
* Education for the immediate family or significant other
* Re-engineering of recipes
* Training menus
* Pre-game menus, post-game menus
* On-the-road consulting
* Pre-arranged meals, if desired at home or on-the-road
* Advance contact w/restaurants, hotel and surrounding establishments to prepare meals
* Grocery shopping tour
* Supplement assessment and recommendations
* In-season and off-season support
* Other sports nutrition needs

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