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Personal Trainers
Sports Nutrition is an important component of your clients success. Let SN2G design menus for your business. This takes out the guess work and insures your distributing current, safe, and effective nutrition information to your clients.

Strength Trainers
No matter where and what level you work at, sports nutrition is a very important component to the whole training regimen. Let SN2G be apart of your program. Handouts, teleconferences, videoconferences, one-on-one presentations, consultations and developing training menus are all services that we can provide. SN2G specializes in customizing any service/s for you and your organization's needs.

Athletic Trainers
You have the do-all job. Let SN2G help you with the menu planning, educating the athletes on sports nutrition, handouts, presentations, and pre/post injury/surgery consults. SN2G specializes in customizing any services for you and your organization.

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