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Presentations from SN2G are available for individuals or groups ranging from recreational to the professional level.

On-site Consultation
Dawn is available for an on-site consultation with a phone session, TeleCourse or VideoCourse follow-up. Prices varies upon commitment.

Sitting at your own phone, in your own office, on school time, a Sports Nutrition to Go TeleCourse is a highly cost effective way for high school and college coaches to get access to the best and most current information in the field.

Here's How It Works... Sports Nutrition to Go will send you an email announcement whenever we have classes available. If you'd like to participate, you register for the class and send a check. Once registered, we email you a phone number (it's called a Telebridge). You call that number at the assigned class time and participate in the class. It's that easy! If there are class materials, they will be emailed to you prior to each class or series of classes.

TeleCourses will be offered on a wide variety of Sports Nutrition topics. Dates, times and fees will be announced periodically through our email announcement. Would you like to receive updates regarding the TeleCourses that SN2G offers? Simply email and we will add you to our mailing list.

Video Conferencing
If you have more than a large number of people in your group, a video conference may be an effective, efficient way to meet your information needs. This format allows for a variety of questions to be answered in a short period of time and could assist a committee in decision making regarding implementation of training tables, hiring a dietitian, or developing team protocols/strategies for dealing with athletes who may have disordered eating patterns.

Contact Us
To schedule a presentation or for more information about our services call us at 513.290.5763 or email SN2G.

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